Lurri World T17 True Wireless Earbud

Included in the Box

Charging case - 1 

USB type-C cable - 1

Wireless earbuds - 2

Ear tips (small, medium and large size each)

User manual - 1

Product Information


Pairing Earbuds with Phones

NOTE: Make sure both the earbuds and the charging case are fully charged before first use.

Step 1: Take both earbuds out of the charging case. They will power on and MFB white light blinks steadily with voice prompt of ‘power on’. Earbuds pair with each other automatically after which MFB white light blinks twice steadily.

Step 2: Go to your phone settings in your phone and select “T17” to connect. You will hear voice prompt “connected”. MFB white light off means earbuds is already connected to phone.

Single earbud mode: If you want to connect & use only single earbud, either you remove only one earbud out of the charging case or turn off another earbud manually.

Connecting to two devices: Lurri World T17 earbuds has capability of connecting to two devices at once. To do so, first make sure that two devices and earbud are 66 feet away from each other, and earbuds are turned off. Turn on one earbud and connect to first phone following previous instruction. Once one earbud is connected, turn on second earbud unit and connect to second device following same method. The earbud unit connected to first phone will not be disconnected.

Hearing Earbuds Correctly

Take out “R” earbud and wear on right ear as shown in picture below. Repeat the process for “L” earbud. The ear hooks are adjustable and can be bended to fit tighter as needed.

Basic Operations

NOTE: When in single earbud use mode, all the functions are the same operation as twin mode. 


Earbuds Charging

When earbuds are low on battery, you will hear voice prompt of ‘battery low’. Earbuds starts to charge as soon as it is put into the charging slots in correct way.

Charging Case Charging

Enclosed Type-C charging cable should be used for charging case.

Storage & Maintenance


Earbuds are not charging after a period of time

Earbuds are not pairing with the phones

Music or voice is cutting on and off

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these earbuds sweat and waterproof?

During phone call, can I hear voice in both earbuds?

Can I use only one earbud?

Can I connect each earbud unit to multiple phones?

LW T17 User Manual_V4.pdf